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IMM Prizes in Computational Nanotechnology

2002 IMM Prize Winners Announced

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IMM offers four prizes in computational nanotechnology annually:

DESIGN: a new design of a molecular machine system or component part

ANALYSIS: a new analysis of an existing molecular machine system or component part design, operating within its design parameters

RENDERING: a new rendering (static illustration) enabling better visualization of an existing molecular machine system or component part design

SIMULATION: a new active simulation (animation) enabling better visualization over time of a molecular machine system or component part design's movement, operating within its design parameters


Magnitude of the implications resulting from the system (usefulness)
Degree of adherence to physical laws (scientific merit)
Degree of engineering merit

An entry need not combine all these analyses, but the more the better:
Static (stress/strain)
Dynamic, including thermal envelope
Quantum/electronic, particularly for devices with electronic function
Quantum/chemical, especially for devices which make or break bonds

Parameters analyzed might include:
Operational envelope determination
Efficiency/dissipation losses

Analyses judged on:
Clarity of exposition

Originality of rendering
General aesthetics
Degree of improvement over previous depictions (allowing for better understanding of form or function)

Simulations will be subject to a combination of the criteria for Analysis and Rendering, above.


How to donate to the IMM Prizes in Computational Nanotechnology:

These prizes apply only to designed parts and systems, i.e. those not already found in nature.

A prize of each category will be chosen prior to and awarded in person, at the annual Feynman Prize presentation ceremony at the Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology. The four winning projects per year are automatically nominated for the next Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology (Theoretical).

The goal of this program is rapid advance and iteration, so the IMM Prizes do not require journal publication. Incremental improvements to prior designs, including those originally produced by others, are explicitly encouraged.

Entrants: The work must be posted on the web at least one month prior to judging, and an item submitted to Nanodot with the URL and text describing the work briefly. Notification of the posting must also be sent to to insure that we are alerted of your submission. This enables one full month of online critical discussion and review prior to judging.

Donors: You may contribute money to either the general pool for all four Prizes, or target your donation to a specific Prize. The deadline for donating to a winning Prize is one month after the announcement of the decision, enabling donors to target their donations to work they particularly admire. New donors who are not yet IMM/Foresight Senior Associates will need to join prior to making a Prize donation. At least 80% of funds donated to the Prizes are remitted to winners as cash.

No awards were made for 2003. IMM intends to offer the IMM Prizes in Computational Nanotechnology again for 2004.
Approximate Deadlines for 2004— exact deadlines will be posted later.

July 2004Entry must be posted on web, submitted to Nanodot, and notification sent to
Aug 2004Judges announce winners.
Sept 2004Deadline for donating additional money towards the winning 2003 Prizes.
 Prizes to be awarded at the 2004 Foresight Conference.

IMM reserves the right to make no award if, in its opinion, all submissions received need more work. In that event, any funds targeted to a specific Prize are rolled over to the next prize awarded in that category.

Special consideration will be given for analysis or designs that contribute to system security or component mechanisms designed specifically to prevent abuse (refer to Guidelines on Molecular Nanotechnology for several specific mechanisms). This consideration may not come up in the early days of the Prizes, but is expected to be increasingly important as designs advance.

Copyright and other rights in the work remain with the researcher or his/her organization. Entrants agree to grant IMM permission to publish the work on our website, in paper publications, and other IMM materials, and to allow IMM to re-grant these rights (e.g. to media).

Eligibility: IMM directors, advisors, researchers and staff are not eligible.


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