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Research Funded by IMM

The IMM Board has approved four project areas for sponsorship. The IMM project areas are:

  1. Molecular Nanotechnology Theoretical Feasibility Project
    This project is to help establish the theoretical feasibility of MNT in the technical literature and community. This may include technical publications, and co-sponsorship or participation in a workshop on the theoretical feasibility of molecular nanotechnology.
  2. Molecular Nanotechnology Demonstration Project
    The objective of this project is to demonstrate specific milestones in the technical roadmap to MNT. The project would be done in conjunction with a team of researchers at one or more partner laboratory facilities.
  3. Assembler Safeguards Project
    This project builds on prior work that IMM has done on conceptual designs for assembler safeguards. It would propose, design, and simulate embedded safeguards for assemblers. IMM has identified additional research on anti-abuse embedded safety mechanisms for assemblers as an important next step in the continuous improvement process for the Foresight Guidelines on the responsible development of molecular nanotechnology.
  4. Nanomedicine Project
    The objective of this project is to provide ongoing support for research into the applications of molecular nanotechnology to medicine. There are many exciting medical applications that would be enabled by nanotechnology. Perhaps the most fundamental would be the ability to do repair at the cellular level, or the ability to significantly extend the healthy human life span. These and other applications are described in the excellent multi-volume series on Nanomedicine, written by IMM Senior Research Fellow Robert Freitas. See ( IMM is supporting the writing of Nanomedicine through the IMM Freitas Research Fund.

How to donate to the IMM Projects program:

Please designate your donation for the specific IMM project of your choice.

  • Phone 650-917-1120 with Visa/Mastercard info
  • Fax 650 917 1123 with same
  • Email with same (not secure)
  • Mail credit card info or check to Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, 555 Bryant Street, Suite 354, Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA

Past Research Funded by IMM

Molecular machinery parts design work by Dr. Eric Drexler includes a simple pump, a fine motion controller for molecular assembly, and a molecular differential gear. Information on free and Open Source molecular visualization tools. Some design graphics of molecular machine parts, produced by K. Eric Drexler, or by K. Eric Drexler and Ralph C. Merkle, that appear on the Web sites of Foresight Institute and the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (IMM) are copyrighted by IMM. It is not necessary to obtain permission to use IMM-copyrighted images for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. Permission to use the images is granted on the condition that credit is given and our copyright notice appears in the publication. Images should also contain the URL for IMM (