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IMM Publications

IMM Reports (#1-48). Topics in Molecular Manufacturing

Working Group Proceedings for the International Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems:

Molecular Machine Pathways
Diamondoid Mechanosynthesis
Near-Term Applications

Scientific American debate #2. IMM responds to attacks on the feasibility of molecular assemblers.

Neil Jacobstein, “Foresight Guidelines,” April 2006.

Neil Jacobstein, Ralph Merkle, and Robert Freitas, “Balancing the National Nanotechnology Initiative’s R&D Portfolio,” 29 May 2002. A Foresight/IMM White Paper submitted to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Robert A. Freitas Jr., “Diamond Trees (Tropostats): A Molecular Manufacturing Based System for Compositional Atmospheric Homeostasis,” IMM Report 43, 10 February 2010;

Drexler, K.E., “Building Molecular Machine Systems,” Trends in Biotechnology, Jan. 1999.

Jacobstein, Neil, “Molecular Nanotechnology: Security and Environmental Risk Management,” IMM Report NJ9902, February 1999.

In 2005 Dr. Forrest prepared a white paper entitled “Molecular Manufacturing Will Change Materials Technology” for the Advisory Technical Awareness Council, the technology “look-ahead” arm of ASM International. The paper assesses the state of the art in progress on molecular manufacturing and provides recommendations to the society.

Forrest, D. R., “Molecular Manufacturing for Clean, Low Cost Textile Production,” in: Proceedings of Ecotextile 04, held in Manchester, UK, 7-8 July 2004, Bolton Institute, Deane Road, UK.

Forrest, D. R., “Perspectives on Nano2002: the Sixth International Conference on Nanostructured Materials,” held at the Rosen Center, Orlando, Florida, 16-21 June 2002.

Forrest, D. R., “Molecular Manufacturing Development and Technology Planning,” published in: Proceedings of the 32nd International SAMPE Technical Conference, Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, held 5-9 Nov. 2000, Boston, MA.

Forrest, D.R., “The Future Impact of Molecular Nanotechnology on Textile Technology and on the Textile Industry,” Proceedings of Discover Expo ’95: Industrial Fabric & Equipment Exposition, held 12 October 1995, Charlotte, North Carolina; pub. Industrial Fabric Association International, 1995.

In addition, with the author’s permission we have converted the original article on molecular nanotechnology into hypertext format and made it available here:Drexler, K. Eric, “Molecular engineering: An approach to the development of general capabilities for molecular manipulation,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, September 1, 1981, vol. 78, no. 9, p. 5275-5278.